Defensive .PRO domain registration

The .pro extension, dedicated to professionals, is also available as a defensive registration for owners of registered trademarks.

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Defensive .PRO domain registration

The .pro extension is a new sponsored TLD reserved for professionals.

The .PRO domain authority requires that the domain be assigned to "professionals" and that the .PRO applicant have a license or authorization issued by a state certification body or  authorized by the government of the applicant's country.

The domain can also be assigned on the basis of a registered trademark for which details must be provided.

The distinctiveness of this registration, in addition to being particularly expensive, is that the .pro domain will not be functional.

On the other hand, in order for domain names to be associated with DNS's, you will need to provide information identifying the holder as a professional.

Click here to know the rules to register a .pro domain for professionals (and not based on a registered trademark).

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