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The .singles extension was presented with the intention of creating an online sharing platform for those who are looking for the soul mate. Registering a .singles domain will therefore be useful to people looking for a life partner and to all those dating sites, working according to criteria of compatibility and behavioral ... Read more

The .camera extension was presented with the intent of providing and disseminating content and information on photography, cameras and video cameras. The new gTLD .camera will be reserved for people who, by profession or hobby, have to do with the world of photography, but also to companies that produce and sell cameras, ... Read more

The .menu extension is to create an online community for all activities and interests related to restaurants. The new .menu gTLD will be used to make available menus, advice and information on restaurants, reviews, offers, recipes and food ingredients. With the introduction of the new .menu domain, all this information will be brought together in ... Read more

The new .gallery domain has been proposed to provide a platform for online storage and sharing, as well as the sale of images, photographs, videos and multimedia files. Registering a .gallery domain will also be useful for companies that deal with or use software for creating, processing, managing, converting and archiving documents ... Read more

This news contains obsolete information! Here is updated news regarding the opening of second level .nz domains!Starting from 2014 it will be possible to register .nz domain names directly at the second level.The second level .nz domains ìwill contribute to expanding the choice of New Zealand domains.There are no changes to be reported ... Read more

Today, November 26, 2013, the Sunrise periods of 7 new generic domains begin: .bike .clothing .guru .holdings .plumbing .singles .ventures with which you get a total of 8 phases of Sunrises currently open. The first and only domain in fact to be entered until today in the period of Sunrise (October 31, 2013) was the .شبكة - reads .Shabaka - "web" or ... Read more

Another revolution in the world of domains, but this time in the Anglo-Saxon territory! Starting from 08:00 on 10 June 2014 it will be possible to register a second level .uk domain, which will then go to support the already widespread and used .co.uk and .org.uk. To register a .uk domain name, it is mandatory that ... Read more

The revolution in the world of Internet domains is almost upon us! As already mentioned above, ICANN has launched a program to expand generic domains in order to give all Internet users the opportunity to strengthen their image or identity through the use of more specific extensions. The first domains to have been ... Read more


We are pleased to announce that we have added a newly released registration extension: the .GA Gabon domains. The extension lends itself well to "puns" thus being able to obtain domain names of a certain effect. For this reason there are numerous PREMIUM domains that have an additional cost. Click here for the .GA ... Read more

On August 22, 2013 the Argentine authority changed the rules for registering and managing .com.ar domains without prior notice. It is now necessary and obligatory to validate the data of the domain owner, penalty is the impossibility of managing the domain (renewal, change of DNS, etc.) in the new system with forfeiture and ... Read more

The Internet world is witnessing in these days great changes and interesting news! Over 1400 new top level generic domains, requested at ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers), will soon be activated and can be registered by Internet users in the coming months, in order to increase competitiveness on the ... Read more


From 11 June 2013 .BE domains become IDN and accept accented characters: ß à á â ã ó ô þ ü ú ð ä å ï ç è õ ö ÿ ý ò æ é ê ë ì í ø ù î û ñ œ It is therefore possible to register .be IDN domains. Click here for more information on the  registration of Begian domainsi. Read more


Starting May 2013, the Mali extension will begin its opening phases. Opening stages of the .ML (Mali) extension Sunrise: from May 2 to May 31, 2013; Landrush: from June 1 to June 14, 2013 General Availability: starting June 15, 2013. .ML is the extension for Mali, a state of West Africa. The registry includes a Sunrise period ... Read more


From May 2013 the .CF extension of the Central African Republic will start its opening phases. .CF extensions opening phases  Sunrise: from 2 May to 31 May 2013; Landrush: from 1 June to 14 June 2013 General Availability: from 15 June 2013. .CF is the extension of the Central Republic of Africa. The registry includes a Sunrise period (from ... Read more

In a few weeks, we will see the birth of hundreds of new generic domains (gTLD) that will lead to a breakthrough in the categorisation of the Internet, but at the some time it will give other people (Cybersquatters) an immense field of action for their activity, so they will have the opportunity to register ... Read more

From today April 18, 2013 it is possible to register second level .NG domains. Until yesterday, it was only possible to register third levels such as com.ng. The .NG extension is an excellent tool to protect your brand in Nigeria and Africa, but it also allows you to create domain names that take ... Read more

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